[VRC] [Texture Set] Hexforged Runa

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Handpainted Magic/Tech Themed Replacement Materials - FOR RUNA

See the compatibility list below for all compatible parts.

This product requires Runa by Toriynan which you can find here:

Runa by Torinyan


Having opened a transdimensional schism researchers from Polybunny Inc. have discovered a world not dissimilar to our own, shaped by alchemy and rune sorcery. Most surprising is the discovery of automata which bear a striking resemblance to QTEST Runa Units. Retrieving one of these automata was no easy task as much like our own versions she is prone to moody and pouty behaviour. Coupled with supreme magical prowess this is a force to be reckonned with. Still she is now safely in our world, enjoying a new found delight called anime.


  • Easy Setup - Follow our simple click-and-drop video tutorials and be set up with full materials, animations and attached crystals in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Handpainted 4k Textures - All Textures were authored in 4k for maximum potential clarity.
  • Two Distinct Looks - Light and Dark Hexforged Material Sets included at all tiers
  • Medium Performance Rank - When using Base Runa, additional attachments may adjust this value.
    • GF Runa's texture memory usage falls under Medium. Using every Runa Attachment will rank at Very Poor.
  • Audiolink - Ready to rock, toggleable, Audiolink on all materials and reacting to all four bands of audio.
  • Hue Shift - Adjustable speed Hue Cycling in addition to Hue setting
  • Transparency Shift - Adjust the opacity of all transparent materials on the fly
  • Unique Crystal Meshes - Handmade crystals specially designed to fit Runa via the Hexforged Crystals Add-on (Included in bundles)
  • Overhauled Runa Animator - Ready setup Animators, Menus & Parameters included are fully compatible with Base Runa & Runa GF with all original features, controls for Hexforged features plus extras such as VRC Contact Point toggles.

Audiolink Preview

STATS (Includes all Addons up to Hexforged 1.0)

  • 18+ Base Materials for nearly all official Runa parts and more
  • 12+ Variant Materials including Grabpass Transparency, Standard Transparency and Disassembled Legs/Arms
  • 136+ Brand new 4k Textures for Runa
    • Included in the 136 textures are a couple of additional masks to allow for greater customisation of your Hexforged Runa.
    • Many textures are set to lower sizes in Unity, to save texture memory at limited visual impact. They can be set back to 4k manually. Though we wouldn't recommend this if you want to maintain medium performance.
  • 4+ Animation Controllers for Base Runa, Runa GF as well as versions of those with Polybunny Jointcovers.
  • 35 Animations covering the full breadth of the skin's functionality along with some bonus extras.

Addon: Hexforged Crystals

Suitable for any Runa not just Hexforged! Crystals to adorn your Runa's Arms, Chest, Legs and Endoskeleton.

- 4 new meshes (Arms, Chest, Endo, Legs)
- Tri-count 9,224
- 1 material
- 9 textures (Including technical maps)
- Blendshapes for compatibility with joint covers, and for making them bigger


Please Note:

  • The materials included require Poiyomi Toon 8.1.166 Shader at a minimum. This is free to download and included as an optional download.
    • Grabpass and DPS material variants require Poiyomi Pro 8.1.166 this is a paid shader which you can find here.
  • This skin was authored on Runa v1.4 and has not been tested with Runa v1.5 yet. If you're having issues, use v1.4 Runa.

Instruction Steps:

  1. Open a new VCC Project and Import Runa or RunaGF following Torinyan's instructions.
  2. Delete _PoiyomiShaders from your Project and import either the included Poiyomi Toon 8.1.166 or the equivalent Poiyomi Pro version.
  3. Follow the included quickstart instruction videos for either Base Runa or RunaGF. These videos cover the following:
    1. Drag & Drop Assigning Materials to Runa
    2. Drag & Drop Assigning Animators, Menus & Parameters to Runa
    3. Drag & Drop Adding Crystal Meshes & Reparenting


If you have any feedback to offer then we’d love to know! Any bugs you find go a long way to helping us create better accessories and avatars. Join us on our Discord server and we'll be happy to talk and help!

Polybunny Discord


Runa by Torinyan

Runa GF Upgrade Kit by Torinyan

Soft & Smooth Joint Covers by Polybunny

Runa H.E.E.L.S by Polybunny

Runa Exoskeleton by Torinyan

Runa Horns by Torinyan

Runa Cricket MK1 by Torinyan

Runa BO-OBA by Torinyan

Runa Kat Kit by Torinyan

Runa Bunny Conductor Set by Torinyan

Runa Hoove Mod by Torinyan

Update Log

v2.0 - 11/03/2024

Features & Improvements

  • Dark Hexforged Variant - A complete set of alternate materials to complete the dark hexforged look
  • Support for Runa Horsepower Set & Hooves
  • Support for Runa Hair Set
  • Massive optimisation of runtime Texture Memory Usage at minimal cost to visuals. Up to 70% reduction in memory usage. Base Hexforged Runa is now rated Good for texture usage (still medium). GF Rated Medium for Texture Memory.
  • Animator Updates, some optimisations, improvements etc.
  • Various Additional Alpha Materials for Base & GF Runas
  • Additional compatibility for Base Runa
  • Minor Adjustments to Grabpass
  • Crystals now match the Cyant material, with a more intense glow at the bottom and improved impression of depth.
  • Adjusted Folder Structure


  • Fix Contacts Toggle in Animator
  • Kat Kit Animations now included for armature docked configs. (As per Tori's instructions)
  • Fix Cat Tail Emission Animation
  • Fix Booba Emission Animation
  • Fix Cat Ear & Tail Missing Hue Shifts & Cycles
  • Fixed transparency adjustment not affecting some materials correctly
  • Fixed inconsistent lighting & shading between some materials


  1. You acknowledge that this product is the sole work of Polybunny and you will not claim any part of this product as your own work.
  2. Do not resell this product or profit directly from it, on its own or as part of another product.
  3. You may not modify the contents of the package to create a new mesh or texture for resale.
  4. You may not redistribute any part or contents of the product without express permission from Polybunny.
  5. You may provide this product for the purposes of comissioned work, so long as one party in the transaction owns a copy of this product.
  6. You can create textures for the product for sale elsewhere, though no assets including the mesh from this package should be redistributed.
  7. Though every care is taken to ensure that if instructions are followed there should be no issues. We are not responsible for any harm that results to your avatar or model through use of this product

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Digital Product - All Sales Final, No Refunds

As a Digital Product it is impossible to revoke access once you have bought this product. For this reason we do not offer refunds. However we believe most issues can be solved through support so please contact us on our Discord Server if you require assistance.

In exceptional circumstances we can also offer refunds or discount codes for future products.

Last updated Oct 11, 2023

Unity Package includes Prefabs, Materials, Texture Maps, Animations, Controllers, VRC Menus & Parameters. Content varies by package please read the descriptions for each package.

Setup Difficulty
4K Textures, Audiolink, Hue Shift, Transparency Shift
Performance Rank
Texture Memory Usage (Varies by Attachments)
~71 - 180 MiB
Shader Compatibility
Poiyomi Toon 8.1.166 (Included) ; Poiyomi Pro 8.1.166
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[VRC] [Texture Set] Hexforged Runa

34 ratings
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