[VRC] [Texture Set] Hexforged CYANT

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Handpainted Magic/Tech Themed Replacement Materials - FOR CYANT

This product requires Cyant by Toriynan which you can find here:

Cyant by Torinyan


Further exploration of the schism by Polybunny Inc. researchers has led to an encounter with a unique variant of a Cyant Model 01 unit. Its immediate pursuit of said researchers was narrowly escaped when, after chasing them back through the schism, it became distracted by the sudden presence of a 4-metre tall lizard woman, whom it promptly dispatched with a rune-powered firearm.

Seemingly calmed by this act of violence, and intrigued by the aesthetics of our world, this “Hexforged Cyant” has elected to remain here. We think so, anyway. She carved a hole in the wall and we haven’t seen her since.


  • Handpainted 4k Textures - All Textures were authored in 4k for maximum potential clarity.
  • Two Distinct Looks - Light and Dark Hexforged Material Sets included at all tiers
  • Medium Performance Rank - When using Base Hexforged Cyant with Crystals and Face optional.
    • Using Polybunny Chassis in addition will push it into Very Poor, but with some tweaking could be made to work.
  • Audiolink - Ready to rock, toggleable, Audiolink on all materials and reacting to all four bands of audio.
  • Hue Shift - Adjustable speed Hue Cycling in addition to Hue setting
  • Transparency Shift - Adjust the opacity of transparent materials on the fly
  • Unique Crystal Meshes - Handmade crystals specially designed to fit Cyant via the Hexforged Crystals Add-on (Included in bundles)
  • Customisable - Variant Face options available via the Face Options Add-On Pack
  • Overhauled Cyant Animator - Ready setup Animators, Menus & Parameters and are compatible with Polybunny addons and feature specific Hexforged options.
  • Easy Setup, Ready to Upload - Simply and upload one of our fully setup prefab avatars including ready to go setups with Polybunny Chassis or Crystals.

Audiolink Preview

STATS (Includes all Add-ons)

  • 19 Base Materials for Base Cyant and Polybunny parts
  • 5 Face variant options.
  • 16 Prefab Avatars across 4 Scenes (Based on owned add-on packs)
  • 112 Brand new 4k Textures for Cyant
    • Each mesh has up to 6 textures, some have 8 for additional function, and some have more for swappable effects or colours
    • Included in the 71+32 Textures are mask maps for additional customisation and face variants!
    • Some textures are set to lower sizes in Unity, to save texture memory at limited visual impact. They can be set back to 4k manually.
  • 3 Animation Controllers covering Base Cyant, Sleek Chassis, and Mega Chassis.
  • 26 Animations covering the full breadth of the skin's functionality along with some bonus extras.

Addon: Hexforged Crystals

Suitable for any Cyant not just Hexforged! Crystals to adorn your Cyant's Back, Arms, and Ears.

  • 3 new meshes (Back, Arms, Ears)
  • Tri-count 4,986
  • 1 material
  • 9 textures (Including technical maps)

Addon: Face Pack

Stylise yourself with a fancy new face. Five additional face materials and textures for your Hexforged Cyant

  • Alternate Face Materials for Hexforged Cyant
  • 5 Materials
  • 26 Textures

Addon: Hexforged Locomotor Skins

Not included in Hexforged Cyant Plus

Give your Hexforged Cyant new legs to stand on. Includes materials & textures

  • 6 Materials
  • 30 Textures
  • Animations, Menus & Parameters ready to go
  • 64 Additional Ready to Upload Hexforged Cyant Prefab Avatars (Covering all addon permutations)


Instruction Steps:

  1. Open a new VCC Project and Import Cyant following Torinyan's Instructions.
  2. Import additional Compatible Meshes (I.e. Polybunny Chassis)
  3. Import Hexforged. If not using the Plus bundle, start with Base and then any add-ons
  4. You'll find your ready to upload avatars in 0_ReadyToUpload_Scenes
    1. The Chassis Add-on adds extra scenes with Prefabs setup with the chassis already
    2. Avatar Prefabs with the Crystals are present in all scenes even if you don't own the crystals, if you don't own them no crystals will be present
  5. If you want to swap the face to one from the add-on pack select the avatar you plan to upload in the Hierarchy, Select the robot object, and drop the desired face material into the first material slot, replacing the existing face material.
  6. Upload your chosen avatar.


If you have any feedback to offer then we’d love to know! Any bugs you find go a long way to helping us create better accessories and avatars. Join us on our Discord server and we'll be happy to talk and help!

Polybunny Discord


Cyant by Torinyan
Sleek Chassis by Polybunny
M.E.G.A Chassis by Polybunny
Mektrek Legs by Torinyan
Cyant Locomotors by Polybunny

Update Log

v1.2 - 25/04/2024

Features & Improvements

  • Added Unified Animator, Menu & Parameters for all Polybunny Addons
  • Added support for Polybunny & Mektrek Legs for Cyant (Materials & Textures sold separately)
  • Added disolve animations to Cloth, Apron & Backpack

v1.1.3 - 28/03/2024


  • Fixed an issue where the Gun could not be grabbed when using a Gogoloco prefab

v1.1 - 14/01/2024

Features & Improvements

  • Added a free alternate material set to all tiers. Dark Hexforged!
  • Optimised Textures, the skin is now Medium Performance Rank when used with Base Cyant + Hexforged Crystals + A Face of your choice (Correctly applied)
  • All the Hexforged Cyant's in the main scene are now Medium Performance Rank
  • Additional Audiolink effects on Polybunny Chassis Addons
  • Revamped Hexforged Crystal materials
  • Rear Crystals now deform around the backpack and can be active at the same time
  • Activating incompatible Chassis temporarily disables the apron from showing while active
  • Various Texture & Material Updates
  • Removed Parent Constraints & Nested Attachments instead
  • Added Toggle for Ear Crystals
  • Rearranged Menus


  • Fixed Glitter Toggles breaking after first use on some prefabs
  • Fixed Rag & Cloth invisibility when viewed from behind
  • Fixed Chest missing in Editor Scenes for Chassis Compatible Prefabs


  1. You acknowledge that this product is the sole work of Polybunny and you will not claim any part of this product as your own work.
  2. Do not resell this product or profit directly from it, on its own or as part of another product.
  3. You may not modify the contents of the package to create a new mesh or texture for resale.
  4. You may not redistribute any part or contents of the product without express permission from Polybunny.
  5. You may provide this product for the purposes of comissioned work, so long as one party in the transaction owns a copy of this product.
  6. You can create textures for the product for sale elsewhere, though no assets including the mesh from this package should be redistributed.
  7. Though every care is taken to ensure that if instructions are followed there should be no issues. We are not responsible for any harm that results to your avatar or model through use of this product
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Digital Product - All Sales Final, No Refunds

As a Digital Product it is impossible to revoke access once you have bought this product. For this reason we do not offer refunds. However we believe most issues can be solved through support so please contact us on our Discord Server if you require assistance.

In exceptional circumstances we can also offer refunds or discount codes for future products.

Last updated Jan 7, 2024

Unity Package includes Prefabs, Materials, Texture Maps, Animations, Controllers, VRC Menus & Parameters. Content varies by package please read the descriptions for each package.

Setup Difficulty
4K Textures, Audiolink, Hue Shift, Transparency Shift
Performance Rank (Base + Crystals + Face)
Texture Memory Usage
~105 - 145 MB
Shader Compatibility
Poiyomi Toon 8.1.167 (Included)
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[VRC] [Texture Set] Hexforged CYANT

34 ratings
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